Bars closing amid COVID-19 pandemic

FOX 26's Randy Wallace spoke with one bar owner who was forced to close his doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's order closing bars.

Pasadena police respond to moms, kids at closed playground

A Facebook video showing Pasadena police officers enforcing the state's stay at home order is going viral. The Pasadena Police Department is responding to the video posted on Tuesday, May 11, and those critical of their officer's actions.

Houston area mom pushes for new bail bond law

A 20-year-old woman who was five months pregnant would be alive today if it were not for what her mother calls a flaw in the jail bond system. Now she's pushing for a law to prevent tragedies like hers from happening to others.

Court reverses charge for New Years drunk driver, victim's family seeks justice

James Hubbs, 24, died after his motorcycle crashed into a car on Genoa-Red Bluff Road at 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday. His family is asking why the court found “no probable cause” against the driver he crashed into—Stephen Rodriguez, 30– whose blood alcohol tested out at more than five times the legal limit, according to court documents.