Gout can spread to organs if left untreated

Gout, a form of inflammatory arthritis, happens when there's too much uric acid in the blood. It's dangerous because it can not only affect joints but can also spread to major organs in the body.

Mom and triplets survive rare complication and risky surgery

A couple in Nebraska was shocked to find out they were having triplets, then they learned there was a major complication. They raced to Houston for a life-saving in-utero surgery and as Melissa Wilson reports their babies not only survived but are thriving.

Dr. Peter Hotez talks about the vaccine roll-out

Sally MacDonald talks with Dr. Peter Hotez about the COVID-19 vaccine roll out and the 2 types of vaccines currently available and some of the other vaccines under development that will be coming in 2021. New surveys show confidence in the vaccine is growing .

Area blood banks in need of donations

As patients are returning to the medical center for postponed surgeries during the coronavirus shutdown, the need for blood is becoming more urgent and the Gulf Coast area blood bank is in short supply. Melissa Wilson talks with Theresa Pina about how people can help.

Dr. Oz talks about personal risk assessment

Melissa Wilson talks with Dr. Mehmet Oz about personal risk assessment as states are reopening and the public is venturing out from the stay at home isolation of the past several weeks.

Dramatic drop seen in cancer diagnoses during pandemic

Doctors at Texas Oncology are concerned that patients are hesitant to return for testing and missing the advantage of an early diagnoses f cancer when there are more treatment options and higher success rate. Most clinics are open and doctors are encouraging people to come for cancer screenings.

Adele's weight loss and the Sirtfood diet

Dr. Stephanie Campbell from Kelsey Sebold Clinic talks with Sally MacDonald about the Sirtfood diet, explaining what sirt foods are and advising the best way to lose weight is proper diet, exercise and lifestyle change for healthy weight loss.

Sun safety tips

Dr. Michelle Udayamuthy from Kelsey Sebold offer some timely advice on keeping our skin healthy during the summer months.