Breaking the Cycle: Speaking to a murderer

What could drive a child to kill someone? It's not an easy question to answer, but in Houston, several kids are arrested every year for murder. In a new report for our FOX in Focus series, FOX 26's Abigail Dye sat down with a man who murdered a woman when he was only 15-years-old.

Breaking the Cycle: Leading kids away from crime

Kids committing violent crimes seems to be on the rise but we don't often hear what's being done to stop it. FOX 26's Damali Keith reports in this segment of FOX in Focus: Breaking the Cycle where she spoke with a volunteer who hopes to steer kids away from crime.

Former teacher partners with student to make a difference

Our FOX in Focus series Breaking the Cycle is our latest initiative highlighting the resources around Houston looking to curb the wave of youth crime in the city. FOX 26's Shelby Rose introduces us to two people hoping to put an end to the school to prison pipeline.

FOX in Focus: Programs to combat prison pipeline

It's clear there are a lot of problems our youth face from drugs to guns and everything in between. FOX 26's Isiah Carey reports for our new initiative - Breaking the Cycle - as people continue to ask where are the safety nets and programs that are supposed to be in place to help kids.

FOX in Focus: Mentors supporting the youth

Continuing in our FOX in Focus series, Breaking the Cycle, we focus on being a mentor and someone who serves as a role model or advisor, providing guidance, and feedback to help someone become the best version of themselves. FOX 26 anchor Denise Middleton shows us the impact the RISE Mentoring Program is having in Pearland ISD.

Houston teen felon looking to turn life around

Kids caught up in a life of crime - the problem runs so deep here in Houston - hundreds of kids under the age of 18 are arrested every year and thousands fall victim to crime as well. FOX 26's Abigail Dye has the report for our FOX in Focus series - Breaking the Cycle.

Youth Crime and Violence in the United States: A Troubling Landscape

Youth crime and violence are not problems that can be eradicated through simple means or quick fixes. They require society's collective action and a commitment to address the underlying issues that lead young individuals down this perilous path. Education, community involvement, mental health support, and economic opportunities are all crucial components in this ongoing struggle. FOX 26 in Focus- Breaking the Cycle will highlight what's being done in the greater Houston area and what more we can do to ensure a brighter future for all

Examining the problem of labor trafficking

Fox in Focus: People for Sale explores the problem of labor trafficking, with as many as 17,000 people being trafficked into the United States each year for this modern-day slavery. Recent studies suggest there are hundreds of thousands of ongoing victims in Texas, with hundreds of businesses and traffickers exploiting them.