Trump unloads over Syria, impeachment and more, says he 'should be allowed to run the country'

President Trump vented his frustration Monday about the criticisms leveled against him over recent controversies, including his Syria pullout decision, the location of the 2020 G-7 summit and the House’s “illegitimate” impeachment inquiry, while saying the "president of the United States should be allowed to run the country, not have to focus on this kind of crap."

President Trump and the Turkey-Syria offensive

This week’s panel: Wayne Dolcefino, media consultant; Carmen Roe, Houston attorney;   Bob Price, Associate Editor of Breitbart Texas; Charles Blain, Urban Reform; Michele Maples, conservative attorney;  and Antonio Diaz-, writer, educator and radio host join Greg Groogan to discuss the current situation in Syria and President Trump's recent remarks.

Analyzing the UH Hobby School poll

Political analyst Mark Jones and Chronicle reporter Jasper Scherer join Greg Groogan to discuss the recent UH poll showing incumbent Mayor Sylvester Turner well in the lead over his challengers in the upcoming city election.

Trump administration defends its get-tough trade policies

The Trump administration is defending its get-tough approach to trade against widespread attacks from America's trading partners while at the same time arguing that many countries must increase government spending to boost global growth.