FOX Faceoff: Biden's deal with Iran

Charles Adams and Quanell X discuss the Biden Administration's deal to release Iranian money for the return of five American citizens who were being detained.

FOX Faceoff: Trump mugshot marketing

Donald Trump's campaign says within a few days of his surrender in Georgia they made more than $7 million thanks to his mugshot. The campaign also released a new line of merchandise featuring the image. Charles Adams and Quannell X examine the marketing of the photo in FOX Faceoff.

FOX Faceoff: The Blind Side controversy

In the special edition of FOX Faceoff, Charles Adams and Quanell X discuss the controversy that has emerged about The Blind Side and Michael Oher's lawsuit against the family that "adopted" him.

FOX Faceoff: AJ Armstrong sentencing

In the special edition of FOX Faceoff, Charles Adams and Quanell X discuss the sentencing of AJ Armstrong who was found guilty of the murder of his parents.

FOX Faceoff: Border crossing crisis

Southern border crossings are on the rise and despite the heat wave, the Texas Department of Public Safety says as many as 5,000 people per day are coming in. Governor Greg Abbott and President Joe Biden are no closer to reaching an agreement on how to fix the border situation. Charles Adams and Quanell X examine the crisis in FOX Faceoff.

Appeals Court ruling regarding social media

Charles Adams and Quanell X discuss a decision by a federal appeals court ruling that temporarily paused a ruling that limits how much contact the Biden Administration can have with social media companies.

Congresswoman facing backlash for comments about Israel: FOX Faceoff

U.S. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal facing backlash after comments made calling Israel a “racist state.” The congresswoman was appearing appeared at a conference for progressive activists addressing the audience saying Palestinians deserve autonomy and the dream of a two-state nation is slipping away. After a video of her comments went viral on social media, the congresswoman issued an apology.