Roughnecks super fans are loving the team's 2-0 start

Roughnecks fans couldn't have asked for much more. A star QB, a 2-0 start. CJ, David Gonzalez and Shon Yarborough are loving every second of it. They say that Roughnecks games are so much fun that you don't even have time to leave your seat.

WWE head McMahon resurrects XFL

The XFL is no longer an ex-football league. The sexed-up, second-rate football league formed as the early 2000s brainchild of WWE ringleader Vince McMahon is set for a surprising second life in 2020. The league that spawned "He Hate Me" and placed TV cameras in the bathroom flamed out in 2001 after one wild season. Interest in the league was reignited when ESPN aired the "This...