Making the Case: The right to bond and how it works

With our continued coverage of crime and public safety in the Houston area and many arrested bonding out, FOX 26 speaks to former police officer, judge, and attorney Charles ‘Big Angry’ Adams to learn more on this trend and how the bond system exactly works.

What's Your Point? Crime and Public Safety in the Greater Houston area (FULL SHOW)

Amid an ongoing crime wave public safety in the Bayou City enduring a genuine decline as murders rise, accountability falls jail in crisis, court dockets are clogged by a local judiciary prioritizing the rights of criminals over the well-being of innocent victims with the community sense of security and free fall. And an unprecedented number of citizens are arming themselves against the threat. With the rule of law under assault, what can be done to turn the tide? FOX 26's Greg Groogan speaks with a panel of experts to learn more.