REPORT: 22 Texas hospitals sue patients for unpaid bills

Most hospitals don't sue patients.  But since January 2018, the study, "Eroding the Public Trust," reports that 22 Texas hospitals have sued patients for unpaid bills. More than 1,300 Texas patients face lawsuits, including 350 just since the economic crisis began.

How to save money on flood insurance

With Hurricane Season starting on Monday, many people may soon be relying on their flood insurance. It can be costly, but Heather Sullivan has some tips to save money.

How to keep your credit card from hurting your FICO score

50 million credit cardholders have had their credit card limits slashed or closed in the last 30 days. That's one in four, according to LendingTree. That can not only limit your ability to use your card, but it can also hurt your credit score.