Bill would connect ERCOT to nation power grid

Three years after the deadly Texas Artic Blast put much of the state in cold darkness for days, some lawmakers are trying to prevent it from happening again by connecting the Texas power grid to the rest of the country. FOX 26 Political Reporter Greg Groogan has more on what's on the table.

Texas power grid holding up in winter weather

A wintery mix has shut down roads and bridges across Texas but the power grid seems to be functioning well so far with ERCOT reporting conditions are normal. FOX's Joy Addison is in The Heights with more.

ERCOT faces potential consumer Impact

A watchdog group monitoring ERCOT reveals concerns that ERCOT may have inflated power prices by over $12 billion, raising fears among state regulators that consumers could bear the brunt of these costs.

ERCOT asks for conservation on Thursday

ERCOT is asking us to conserve until 9 p.m. Thursday because of more triple-digit heat. Texas had its first power grid emergency of the summer and though the emergency is over, grid operations are still on edge. FOX's Joy Addison is tracking what ERCOT is saying.

Texas power grid: ERCOT issues conservation appeal for Saturday, August 26

Similar to Friday, Saturday’s conservation appeal does not indicate ERCOT is experiencing emergency conditions at this time. Current forecasts are showing a potential to enter emergency operations this evening because of expected low wind and potential low solar generation and high demand.

Houston officials call for conservation

As the blistering heat continues on for yet another day, the extreme temperatures are impacting the way Texans live and operate. Officials now asking residents to conserve both energy and water. FOX 26's Natalie Hee explains more.

ERCOT Energy Conservation Appeal breakdown

ERCOT is not experiencing emergency conditions at this time, but forecasts are showing a high potential to enter emergency operations. Help from Texans to conserve electricity use will assist grid reliability.