Garth Brooks full interview with FOX 26

Legendary country music artist Garth Brooks is in Houston for his final stop on his North America Tour. He took the time to speak with FOX 26's CoCo Dominguez about his tour.

Wiz Khalifa disrespects the DJ

Hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa was seen disrespecting and bullying a DJ in the now viral video that surfaced from Poppy, a nightclub in LA.

18th Annual H-Town Sneaker Summit returning on Sunday

The H-Town Sneaker Summit provides a safe space for you to meet up with sneakerheads from all over the world. It brings together a massive cultural force of sneakerhead lovers where you can buy sell and trade sneakers.

Paleta Bar in Memorial going viral for their flavors

The Paleta Bar in Memorial has gone viral for their flavors that include avacado. There’s nothing like seeing the paleta man (paletero) coming around the corner, you knew it was time for a cold mexican treat.