Texas moves to help citizens access unemployment benefits

TWC says it is updating its system to help people in two new ways. It will soon start approving self-employed applicants. And it will pay recipients retroactively to the date they lost their jobs because the rush of applicants prevented so many from getting through.

Avoiding the Quarantine 15

Angela Guerra from Kelsy Sebold talks with Melissa Wilson about how to eat healthy while you're at home and avoid weight-gain being dubbed the "Quarantine 15"

How to work securely from home

Experts suggest using your company laptop and VPN rather than your personal computer. Company devices usually have more firewalls and antivirus protection.

Dating during the COVID-19 pandemic

So much has changed in the way we live lately, and that includes dating. Psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini offers advice on dating during the COVID-19 pandemic.