Trad wives and stay-at-home dads: A look at gender roles

Are women cool working while their partner stays at home? Do men expect the three S's from their partner? Trad wives and stay-at-home dads are being normalized on social media, so Carolina invited the guys and girls over to discuss gender roles. Plus, our beer guy Taylor Gregory stops by with some Houston brews.

Love at first sight or just a creep playing the game?

Catching the eyes of that cutie down the grocery aisle or watching that hunk check out at the register.. are you creeping? Or is it cute? Tonight we draw the line! Joined by some very funny friends, Carolina breaks down the problems of "meet cutes" and we ponder on how we tackle meet-ups in today's climate. Has everyone been over-romanticized by the movies?

Bayou City Buzz: Home and Garden Show back in Houston

The Houston Home and Garden Show is officially underway in the Bayou City! There's about 150 exhibitors, mostly all from the Houston area. FOX 26's Coco Dominguez speaks to the manager of the show and a few vendors about that attendees can expect.

The art of the tease: stripping & burlesque

Stripping and burlesque are both dances with undress, so how are they similar and different? We discuss these arts of performance with Lady Annabelle, Reina LaRouge, and Bailey Bunnie! Plus, Queen Angelina and comedian Ben Jackson join the conversation.