Scammers prey on COVID-19 fears

Cher Comier says two men posing as city water workers said they needed to clean her water for COVID-19.  Having washed her hands wearing her jewelry, they convinced her to let them clean her Rolex watch and wedding rings. Then they ran with them, she said.

Stress of pandemic hitting teens hard

Fear and uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic are pushing some into a mental health crisis, and it's hitting teens especially hard. A new survey finds that teens today are more confident in their physical health than their mental health. FOX 26's Denise Middleton finds out what they can do to rebound and recover from that.

Your rights as a renter to repairs on a leaky roof

A Houston couple contacted us saying their apartment roof is leaking from all this rain this week and they just moved in. Renters have rights when it comes to a leaky roof. It makes a home uninhabitable and state law requires a landlord to repair it.