CDC eviction moratorium ends Saturday

The CDC eviction moratorium ends Saturday, and millions of people nationwide will be evicted in the coming months, according to a U.S. Census Bureau survey. FOX 26’s Heather Sullivan is joined by a family who has experienced losing their home to talk about the impact.

Buy Now, Pay Later for unexpected expenses

Buy Now, Pay Later financing has grown in popularity for online shopping, and now it's available for unexpected bills. FOX 26's Heather Sullivan has some smart sense on these unexpected expenses.

When after-work happy-hour isn’t so 'happy'

If you have recently started back to in-person happy hours, Psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini shares five reminders to help you enjoy your colleagues without jeopardizing your job or reputation.

Grill safety: Preventing dangerous grilling incidents

Grilling out is a popular summer activity, but thousands of people end up in the emergency room every year due to grilling accidents. Erik Smith shared his story after burns from a propane grill malfunction on the fourth of July weekend.