Veranda Village Apartment residents in Pasadena find holes behind bathroom mirrors

Residents at Veranda Village Apartment Complex in Pasadena have expressed concerns for their safety after discovering several apartments had holes behind bathroom mirrors, prompting one resident to demand action from the property management.

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"We're not comfortable," said one resident, citing delayed maintenance requests and poor living conditions as ongoing issues. 

Other residents described a range of problems from water damage to malfunctioning air conditioning units.

"My drawers are falling apart, and I reported it two months ago, but they still haven't come to fix it," a tenant explained.

While issues like water and AC are not uncommon in apartment complexes, a hole behind the bathroom mirror is unusual and alarming. 

One resident recounted their child's discovery: "'Mom we have a hole.' I'm like 'stop playing’... but as you can see, the hole was right there."

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FOX 26 reached out to the complex's property manager, Jdixi Gomez, and she acknowledged the reported holes, explaining they provide access to the building's pipes. 

Gomez assured residents that the tunnels leading to the holes are securely locked and should not cause concern. However, this assurance has not satisfied some tenants, who continue to advocate for a safe and comfortable living environment. 

"That's all we want: to be safe in our home. We pay rent, we pay bills," said a tenant from Veranda Village Apartments.

Management has advised residents to report any holes in their walls if they have not done so already, promising repairs by the end of the day.


Gomez told FOX 26 that residents who wish to get out of their lease can visit the office and come to an agreement.