Prairie View A&M on-campus fatal shooting update

According to school officials, the shooting took place at Governor Bill and Vera Daniels Farm and Ranch on campus and involved a former employee. Prairie View police issued a shelter-in-place for students that has since been lifted and advised students to stay clear of the area.

College Talk: HBCUs attracting top prospects for fall

Following increased exposure through celebrity attendance, historically Black colleges and universities are seeing a boost in enrollment for the Fall 2022 semester. What else is driving the uptick? Fox 26's Chelsea Edwards speaks with local Prairie View A&M University alumni about how the nation's politics and a search for affordability are making HBCUs a top pick.

Isiah Carey goes on a trail ride

The Prairie View Trail Riders take Isiah for a spin and talk about the history and meaning of their group, who has been making the trek to the rodeo for decades.