Cypress tornado devastates man's home, community

A tornado was confirmed to have touched down in a neighborhood in Cypress, causing severe, widespread damage. FOX 26's Damali Keith spoke with one man who showed us the destruction in his home and became a bit emotional.

Car crashes into garage of Cyrpess home on Ravensway

The driver (male) of the vehicle managed to climb out of the vehicle on his own following the crash, but the garage was compromised, so officials were able to safely remove the vehicle.

Food in Houston: Recently opened restaurants

Many families around the country have traditions involving restaurants, whether it's returning to the same spot year after year for birthdays, Sunday morning brunches at a favorite local diner, or Friday night pies at a neighborhood pizza place. 

Residents say unlicensed care home in neighborhood

The Harris County Sheriff's Office and Precinct 4 Constable's Office are investigating what appears to be an unlicensed residential care home in a neighborhood in Cypress. FOX 26's Randy Wallace spoke with a neighbor who has seen people going in and out of the home.