Cypress taekwondo instructors save woman from attempted sexual assault: HCSO

Instructors with a taekwondo dojo in Harris County managed to stop a man believed to be sexually assaulting a woman on Wednesday evening.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez reported deputies were called to the Yong-In Tae Kwon Do dojo in the 6800 block of Fry Road for a disturbance and found a man being pinned to the ground when they arrived.

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While investigating, they learned instructors at the dojo heard yelling and went next door where they saw a man attempting to sexually assault a woman.

Courtesy of Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez

According to Gonzalez, the men pulled the attacker off, and when he turned to attack the martial arts instructors they used their training to stop the man and pin him down.


The deputies were able to get attempted sexual assault charges and unlawful detention charges on behalf of the woman, and an assault charge on behalf of the instructors.

"Thank you to the Yong-In dojo for your quick action in protecting others," Sheriff Gonzalez said.