Mother, daughter duo accused of giving illegal butt injections in Cypress

A mother and daughter duo are facing charges for giving people illegal butt injections. On Wednesday, 56-year-old Consuelo Dal Bo and her daughter, 18-year-old Isabella Dal Bo, were arrested during an undercover sting in Cypress.

Court records show the mother and daughter went to a short-term rental on Eastern Meadowlark Way hoping to charge $6,000 for illegal butt injections. Instead, they were met by undercover officers. 

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Both have been charged with unlawfully practicing medicine without a license. Consuelo Dal Bo is facing another drug charge for knowingly delivering a controlled substance called Alprazolam. 

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Consuelo Maria Garcia (AKA Dal Bo)

Court documents show the women were planning to inject an unlabeled brown liquid into the posterior - or butt - of a customer. That customer ended up being an officer in an undercover sting. The documents also show Consuelo Dal Bo gave a Xanax to the undercover officer for the purpose of relaxing before the injections. 

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Health experts urge caution about getting injections outside a licensed professional. 

"First things first, these are unregulated, right? Especially if they are administered by non-licensed providers. They might be using unregulated or illegal substances for these injections. Examples include industrial grade silicon, mineral oil, even things like cement and sealant I've heard of being used, and they're not meant for injections into the body," said Dr. Sara Andrabi, an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine. 

Officers seized bags of illegal injectables and medical supplies during the women’s arrest. 

The Houston Police Department’s Major Offenders Division are asking any more possible victims to come forward.