Houston crime: Recent butt injection bust connected to mother, daughter who were previously arrested

A recent bust regarding butt injections has been connected to a case involving a mother and daughter who were arrested earlier this month.

A prosecutor confirmed that the arrest of Dustin David Moore, 43, this week is part of the same investigation that led to the arrests of a mother and daughter two weeks ago. The prosector did not go into detail about the connection.

Records show Moore was charged this week with aggravated assault and three counts of practicing medicine without a license or permit causing harm.

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Moore is facing allegations of illegal practice and causing harm to a patient. According to court documents, Moore enlarged the buttocks of at least three people by "creating subcutaneous granulomas made of silicone, rather than a substance to encourage the growth of collagen as the complaints believed." One says they received a staph infection.

Dustin David Moore is charged with aggravated assault with serious bodily injury and 3 counts of practicing medicine without a license in the 177th State District Court.

Following a court appearance for Moore on Friday, a prosecutor confirmed that Moore's arrest was related to an investigation that led to the arrests of a mother-daughter duo – 56-year-old Consuelo Dal Bo and 18-year-old Isabella Dal Bo – for allegedly giving people illegal butt injections during an undercover sting in Cypress.

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Court records show the mother and daughter went to a short-term rental on Eastern Meadowlark Way hoping to charge $6,000 for illegal butt injections. Instead, they were met by undercover officers. 

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Consuelo Maria Garcia (AKA Dal Bo)

Both have been charged with unlawfully practicing medicine without a license. Consuelo Dal Bo is facing another drug charge for knowingly delivering a controlled substance called Alprazolam. 

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Court documents show the women were planning to inject an unlabeled brown liquid into the posterior - or butt - of a customer. That customer ended up being an officer in an undercover sting. The documents also show Consuelo Dal Bo gave a Xanax to the undercover officer for the purpose of relaxing before the injections. 

Health experts urge caution about getting injections outside a licensed professional. 

Officers seized bags of illegal injectables and medical supplies during the women’s arrest. 

The Houston Police Department’s Major Offenders Division are asking any more possible victims to come forward.