How card skimmers steal info, detective explains

Credit card skimmers are hiding in plain sight and can steal your information in a matter of seconds. FOX 26's Abigail Dye spoke with a detective involved in a case involving two suspects who were accused of putting skimmers in Baytown ATMs.

Lawsuit claims license plate cameras against law

A man in Baytown is raising concerns about the use of cameras used to capture drivers' license plates. They're called flock cameras some people believe they are being used in a way that violates the law. FOX 26's Jade Flury is in Baytown to report more on the issue.

10 people detained in raid on Baytown area home

In Chambers County, 10 people were detained at a Baytown home after deputies say child pornography was downloaded from the address. FOX 26's Sherman Desselle has more details on what we know so far.

Baytown crime: 3 suspects arrested in the death of 16-year-old

The Baytown Police Department announces the arrest of Timothy Holland, Deondre Frazier, and Eddie Cardenas in connection with the death of 16-year-old Shane Hamilton, following a 15-month investigation, with further details forthcoming as the case progresses.