Baytown worship pastor Ke'Erron encourages others while battling medical problems

A local bilingual worship pastor is encouraging others who are facing health and life challenges through his music and message, all while battling his own health problems.

Ke'Erron is a worship pastor at Faith Family Church in Baytown. He often writes meaningful lyrics to help uplift others, and that got the attention of record label Integrity Music in Nashville. Now he's getting to inspire even more people, traveling the world to spread his powerful message.

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"I don't play an instrument, but I can hear everything. I can hear tones and notes and melodies, and I consider myself like a melody guy, even over a lyricist. I'm learning how to write even more and even more, I'm becoming a better songwriter, but I feel like if like sometimes, when you don't have words, God will give us a melody and sometimes I'm able to just put words to that melody, and it will be exactly what my heart's feeling in that moment," says Ke'Erron.

Music helps Ke'Erron work through illness. He got very sick eight years ago while a busy athlete playing football and basketball. He lost 40 pounds in a month. After a slew of tests, he got a tough diagnosis that he must live with, since there is no cure.

"They found that I had ulcerative colitis, and I remember the doctor telling me, 'Ke, he said, this is going to change your life. You're going to have to change your diet, all these different things, but you're going to have be on medication. Sometimes it takes people a lot of tries to get a medication that you can have even cope with and I failed five medications in the past seven years. It was a bit discouraging at moments," explains Ke'Erron.

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The condition also sent him into Stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver.

"One thing that I've noticed this entire journey, it's been rough, but I've experienced the faithfulness of God, and I've experienced his peace that I've never felt alone. I think that's been extremely amazing because God doesn't promise us a smooth life, but he promises to be there, and that's been rocking my world a little bit," says a smiling Ke'Erron.

Literally rocking, as he turns his pain into purpose through melodies. He even shared a few lines of his song "He'll do it" with us, belting out how faithful God is. Ke'Erron is dropping a new single called "Chances" this week and his new album releases in September.

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