'Mother-Daughter Relationship Makeover': Mom, daughter reunite, write memoir to repair relationships

Mother's Day is next month, and it can be a very challenging time for families who aren't getting along. Two women know that feeling well, after not speaking for four years.

After this mother and daughter made up and started speaking again, they wrote a book to share with others about how they repaired their tumultuous relationship. Now Leslie and Lindsey Glass are happier than ever!

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"We started having problems in the teen years, and we really just started fighting and we could not stop fighting. So, we had a lot of conflict in the teen years and in my 20's, and then because of co-dependency and other issues, we actually broke apart when we were adults, when I was in my early 30s, and we didn't speak for four years," explains Lindsey.

It was a tough time, because not only were they family, but they were also colleagues!

"Yes, we had produced two documentaries and launched the website. So, it was an extraordinary breakup because it was a breakup not only of a mom and daughter, but a breakup of the business. So, there were a lot of hard feelings," explains Leslie.


After four incredibly difficult years, they both decided to work out their differences and wrote a book concentrating on four steps that helped them get back together.

"What we think is so wonderful about the book is not only is it part of a memoir, but we got these four steps to help you go through your own experience and be able to see yourself differently and your mom differently. So, the first step is learning your backstory. The second step is your communication and personality style, because most people don't actually know. Step three is all about forgiveness and healing, and we have so much great information on that. And step four is how to create a beautiful spiritual life and recovery so that you can be okay, no matter what has happened with your mom or daughter," explains Lindsey.

They both say their lives are more fulfilling now that they are close again.

"Writing the book was eye-opening because we learned so much about ourselves and each other. The whole purpose of the book is for other people, to be able to learn what we learned, and be able to do what we did, just by following some of these ideas and looking into yourself in a safe way and then coming together in a safe way. It's changed our lives," exclaims Leslie.

"Having my mom back in my life has made everything complete once again," says a smiling Lindsey.

They say you can buy the Mother-Daughter Relationship Makeover just about anywhere you buy books!

For more information: https://reachoutrecovery.com/about-us