Teaching lessons on race relations from the grave

The Sugar Land 95, 95 deceased African Americans buried more than 100 years ago by a Sugar Land school, is helping highlight history that some had no idea existed, which is shining a new light on race relations today.

Bystander intervention during acts of hate, abuse

Much attention has been put on identifying hate in our communities. But would you know what to do if you witnessed it first-hand? FOX 26 Anchor Kaitlin Monte spoke with a Houston non-profit who is offering training showing how bystanders of all comfort levels can help.

Houston attorney calling for an end to ignorance

With Anti-Asian hate crimes rising this past year, one prominent Houston attorney is calling for an end to the ignorance. FOX 26 Reporter Natalie Hee spoke with him and he shows us how he's leading through his trailblazing career.

The Sugar Land 95

A chapter of local history was unearthed in recent years with the discovery of the Sugar Land 95. FOX 26 Reporter Damali Keith takes a look at how, from the grave, those lives are today playing a role in erasing hate.

Do you know the story of Galveston's most famous resident?

He was called the Galveston Giant, was the first African American Heavyweight boxing champ and received a presidential pardon in 2018. A local museum is remembering boxing great Jack Johnson on what would've been his 143rd birthday.