Asian Justice Movement holds event in Houston on one-year anniversary of Atlanta Spa shootings

The Asian-American Bar Association, along with the Asian Justice Movement, held a remembrance at Discovery Green. It's called ‘Break the Silence.’

"It's honoring the victims of the Atlanta Spa shootings last year," said Nishi Kothari President of the South Asian Bar Association of Houston. "It was exactly one year ago today, on March 16, 2021, where six Asian women were killed and shot down senselessly."


"The conversation shifted, and I don't see it re-open again and nothing else has changed for API women. The violence, the discrimination is still there," said Peggy Li, who spoke at the event.

According to research, 74% of Asian-American Pacific Islander women in the United States report experiencing racism and discrimination over the past year.

"The U.N. estimated in 2016 our world population is 60% Asian, but in the media, we're only depicted six percent of the time, so clearly it doesn't compute together?" Kothari said.


"Forget stereotypes, not the Disney Princess or the TV show, we are human beings, see us for our intersectional selves," said Li. "We are mothers, daughters, friends, get to know someone who is Asian, don't fall back on the stereotypes."