Texas Dems calling for state committee member to resign amid alleged racist remarks

Some Texas Democrats are calling for a state committee member to resign after making some alleged racist comments during a Zoom chat. 

Dr. Nancy Nichols, who is a Chair on the State Democratic Executive Committee, wrote during in the chat section of a Zoom meeting for an event in Tyler that she was, "held on the chocolate side of town and the Trumpers drove around but kept a distance. I believe they were afraid to get out. Good."


Her statements have sparked outrage among other democrats, arguing the comments had racist implications. 

"She described the African American section of the city as ‘the chocolate side of town’ and implied that it was so dangerous that even protestors against the democratic event, trump supporters would not get out of their car," says Chair of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats Carroll Robinson. "You can’t exercise leadership without some sense of competency and I just think it would be appropriate for her to step down."

Nichols released a statement to FOX 26 saying she immediately apologized to her colleagues and issued the following public apology:  

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On February 8, I attended the Texas County Chairs Association's weekly Zoom meeting, and, in the chat, I made a comment and used words that I should not have used. I immediately apologized, and I was truly sincere, as I am now.

I openly and earnestly apologize for making that comment and using those words. I am truly sorry for what I have done and should not have done that, and I ask for your forgiveness. As it should have, this has caused me a great deal of pain and sorrow as it has caused many of you a great deal of pain and sorrow as well. And for that, I am truly sorry. While I don’t understand many things 100%, I am learning more and more each day and pledge to learn from this mistake and never make it again.

To all African American colleagues, I owe a special apology. I sincerely and deeply apologize to you and ask for forgiveness. And to all Allies and to each of you, I am deeply sorry that I made those comments. I am so sorry that I hurt you, especially the African American community and all those working for unity. I pray with God’s help that I never make such a mistake again.

With sincerest regards,
Dr. Nancy Nichols


Dr. Nichols went on to say:

 "I wish to explain my comment, while in no way making excuses. I was recommended to watch the MasterClass series Black History, Black Freedom, and Black Love with Dr. Cornell West, by my friend, a Precinct Chair here in Smith County, who is African American. I respect her and began watching it with a genuine desire to learn, so I can be a better ally. 

Dr. West uses the terms ‘chocolate’ and ‘vanilla’ I felt from his lectures that these terms were kind and carried a sense of love. I understand now that I was wrong in my usage and I have learned from my mistake."

If Nichols doesn’t resign by next month Robinson plans to ask for her to be removed at the next committee meeting.