Families speak after deadly shooting spree in Baytown killed 2, injured 2 others

Joseph Ferry, uncle to 34-year-old George Anthony Keene, who was one of four victims from Wednesday’s deadly shooting spree in Baytown spoke with FOX 26 Thursday. 

Police say, two people died, and two others were injured, at the hands of 33-year-old Ron Welch from Baytown. 

BACKGROUND: Man killed in Baytown officer-involved shooting suspected of shooting 4 others

"He was a great kid," says Ferry. "I’m really mad, that's been the predominant emotion since last night."

Ferry says his nephew never got into an altercation with Welch. 

Ferry tells FOX 26 that on Wednesday afternoon around 6 p.m., the Keene family was leaving their home when they almost got into a car accident with the suspect pulling out of their driveway. 

"My nephew noticed the guy was still following them," said Ferry. "They drove about a mile then the truck moved around them and blocked them in. Within the first few minutes, my nephew was shot in the head and died," says Ferry. "His wife immediately jumped to the back to cover their two children."


Baytown police say after shooting at the Keene family car and killing George, a passerby slowed down, concerned someone was injured, and she was also shot at. 

They say Welch then drove up the street and shot at another man, who later died at the hospital. 

Welch then returned to the initial crime scene where officers say they were forced to fire their weapons. Welch was pronounced dead on scene. 

"I believe that society is taking a real light value in human life," says Ferry. 


Ferry tells us he hasn’t had time to grieve but will make sure his nephew is never forgotten.

"He was just another young person in this world that has had a hard time. Over the last 12 years, I watched him really work hard," says Ferry. "He was really proactive with his kids."