Lake Livingston flooding: Dam release increase will exacerbate flooding, Polk County officials say

With the Trinity River swelling and the risk of flooding escalating, officials have issued a mandatory evacuation for all residents in low-lying areas below the Lake Livingston Dam, along the Trinity River. 

Of particular concern are the inhabitants of Twin Harbor, Cedar Valley, and Water Wheel subdivisions, who are directly in the path of the advancing waters. The Polk County Office of Emergency Management is alerting residents that the Trinity River Authority will be increasing their releases from the Lake Livingston Dam on Thursday.

PCOEM says residents should be aware that the releases will exacerbate flooding, and those in the area should take precautions. In a stark warning, officials have urged individuals residing in these areas to evacuate immediately.

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Heavy rain on Monday caused flooding and prompted a mandatory evacuation order for unincorporated regions of Polk County situated along the Trinity River and downstream from the Lake Livingston Dam.

The area received even more rainfall on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

A shelter has been established at Dunbar Gym, located at 1103 Dunbar Ave. in Livingston.