2nd annual Women in Suits event happening Thursday

Wednesday is International Women's Day. Yassy Brown is the runway coach, event coordinator, and entrepreneur who is putting on a local event called “Women in Suits" and is joined by Alexis "Fly" Jones, who will be emceeing.

The Fly Girls of WWII

The Fly Girls of WWII exhibit at the Lone Star Flight Museum tells the story of the first women to take flight for the US military. This experimental program during WWII trained women right here in Houston to be the very first Women Airforce Service Pilots, known as WASPs. 25,000 women from many different backgrounds applied; just over 1,800 were chosen. They served as civilians and thus did not receive military benefits. When women were allowed to be combat pilots in 1976, that was finally corrected. In 2010, The women received the congressional medal of honor for the integral part they played in the war. You can experience the inspirational stories of these courageous women at the Lone Star Flight Museum until July 10.