Cleveland ISD town hall on drug issues

The drug problem at Cleveland ISD prompted the community to come together to find a solution. FOX 26's Abigail Dye attended a town hall meeting to learn more from concerned parents.

Mexican cartel allegedly controls community

In Colony Ridge, a community of about 40,000 people located about 40 miles northeast of Houston has found itself in a controversy after some lawmakers claim Mexican cartels control a portion of the community. FOX 26's Randy Wallace reports from Liberty County.

14 drug-related incidents since start of school year

Fox 26 reached out to Cleveland ISD who confirmed that since the start of school on August 8th there have been 14 "drug-related incidents" at secondary-level campuses. They say that in 7 cases, they have called an ambulance to the school because of student drug use. That's an average of more than one ambulance call per week.