Hurricane Gear Test: Biolite Alpenglow 500

There's a month left of hurricane season, and one thing that is a must in your kit is a light. In this Hurricane Gear Test, Meteorologist John Dawson has an LED lantern that is rechargeable and can also charge your phone.

Hurricane Gear Test: Gerber DoubleDown Folding Machete

A heavy duty cutting device, like a hatchet or machete, is sometimes needed after hurricane landfall. That's why you may want to consider an outdoor cutting tool for your hurricane kit. Meteorologist John Dawson has one today that is compact but can still take care of some big jobs.

Hurricane Gear Test: The CarGenerator

When the power goes out, have you ever wondered if there was a way to use your car to power some of those things you have inside your home? In today's Hurricane Gear Test, Meteorologist John Dawson has found a device that can do just that.

Testing the LightRanger Telescoping LED Lantern

You've got to have a light and your hurricane kit and a lantern can be a great addition. And in this Hurricane Gear Test, FOX 26 Meteorologist John Dawson shows us one that takes area lighting to a whole new level.