Houston officials call for conservation

As the blistering heat continues on for yet another day, the extreme temperatures are impacting the way Texans live and operate. Officials now asking residents to conserve both energy and water. FOX 26's Natalie Hee explains more.

Rare fire weather watch for Houston area

A rare fire weather watch has been issued across the area. Dry hot air combined with weeks of no rain has created the potential for dangerous fires outside. FOX 26's Matthew Seedorff is working with the Spring Fire Department to learn more.

Drought increases brush fire risk

At least 69 percent of Texas is in a drought. Burn bans have been issued for unincorporated Harris County and surrounding counties including Galveston, Fort Bend, Liberty, and Brazoria. It is a criminal offense to violate a burn ban.

Texas drought affecting livestock, crops

This drought is already wreaking havoc on livestock and crops throughout the state of Texas. FOX 26's Gabby Hart shares how the main food source for horses is already being impacted.

Are your trees in trouble due to drought?

It's hot, it's dry, and there's no relief in sight for the Houston area. It's starting to show in yards and landscapes. FOX 26 Meteorologist Remeisha Shade has some helpful advice for these dry times.