A federal judge in Austin dismissed a suit by HISD to stop the TEA takeover.

TEA public meetings continue ahead of HISD take over

The Texas Education Agency is hosting a series of meetings to provide information and gain feedback from the community to help with their take over process. But it left concerned parents and faculty members of Wheatley unsatisfied since they feel their questions aren’t being answered. 

Texas Education Agency officially takes over Houston ISD

The long talked about takeover comes after an investigation by the TEA over allegations of the trustees’ violation of the Open Meetings Act and consistent poor academic performances from Wheatley High School.

State takeover of HISD could negatively impact students

"A lowered status means for some reason the district is doing something wrong and possibly the student wouldn't be as well prepared to function in college as another student. So it is potentially a huge ramification for students," says Andy Dewey with the Houston Teachers Federation.