This week's rundown of the Maleah Davis case, June 2-8

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Just a few weeks after Maleah Davis was reported missing, Quanell X received a confession from Derion Vence that led to the discovery of some remains on a roadside in Arkansas. 

The week of June 2 saw some of the biggest developments in the case thus far. 


FOX 26 senior legal analyst Chris Tritico weighed in on the case and what part Vence's confession has to play in a trial. 

"Quanell is not a law enforcement officer, so if this guy meets with him and makes admissions like Quanell said he did and it comes into evidence, it can be used against him and can be used to convict him," Tritico says.

However, it isn't guaranteed that Vence's confession will have the opportunity to prove his guilt. If it turns out that Quanell X was sent by law enforcement, the defense could file a motion to suppress the whole story, and exclude the confession from trial. 


A massive break in the case: the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences has positively identified the remains found in Arkansas as those of Maleah Davis. The cause and manner of her death are pending.

Turner released a statement Monday, saying the Houston City Hall lights will be turned pink on Sunday, which was Maleah’s favorite color.

During an interview with FOX 26’s Jonathan Martin, Quanell X said he believes Derion Vence and Brittany Bowens should be held responsible, but he also says another person knew where the little girl’s body was.

“I believe that there is one family member of Derion who I’ve already told them who I believe this family member is, from my conversations with that particular family member also, that he knew where the body was placed, and that he helped hide Derion out from authorities so they couldn’t speak to him. And I believe he knew about the whereabouts of where Maleah was,” Quannel said.


After the announcement of the identity of the remains, memorials grow for Maleah both in Houston and in Arkansas where her body was found

People across the nation are mourning after 4-year-old Maleah Davis’ remains were found in Arkansas last Friday. On Sunday, Houstonians plan to celebrate the little girl’s life. A local woman named Sheila Smith is hosting a walk in honor of the girl who went missing for more than a month.

Since Maleah's remains were found, the public has been calling for the arrest of mother Brittany Bowens. Here's why that hasn't happened.


An order for mental health or intellectual disability assessment was filed Wednesday morning for Derion Vence. Vence is the only person currently charged in the death of four-year-old Maleah Davis.


The city has issued a proclamation to make June 9 "Maleah Davis Day." In addition, City Hall will turn the lights pink in honor of the little girl, and there will be a walk near the area on Sunday. Participants are asked to wear her favorite color, or a shirt with her face. 

According to a Houston police investigator, they don't have enough information to prove intent as of Thursday, since cause of death is still pending. That’s why there is no murder charge at this point. Police say they're not looking at other suspects at this time. 


In an exclusive interview with FOX 26, Derion Vence's alleged mistress broke her silence

She says she didn’t have any contact with Derion Vence during the time Maleah Davis was missing. Now that he is the only person charged in the case, his former mistress believes he is innocent of harming Maleah, placing the blame on Maleah’s mom, Brittany Bowens.

Quanell X spoke with the former mistress multiple times before he obtained a confession from Vence and the location of Maleah’s body. The confession is something the former mistress is suspicious about. 

"If the confession was bogus well how I found the body? I mean it didn’t just fall out the sky where she was. It didn’t fall out the sky what happened to her. These were things that came directly from her lover," he said in response.


No new case developments. The cause and manner of Maleah's death are still pending.