Residents near Clear Creek on standby for possible evacuation as Beta rains continue

Clear Creek rose nearly 2-4 feet past its banks Tuesday, flooding some adjacent neighborhoods. 

Around 3 p.m., the city of Friendswood tweeted a warning to residents who live within the 100-year flood plain to be prepared to evacuate if necessary.

The break from Beta’s heavy downpours Tuesday afternoon gave residents like Rosemary Kacsmarski the chance to drive around and check out what Beta left behind.

How to check the river, creek and bayou levels in Harris County

Do your best to plan ahead and keep your family safe in hazardous conditions. 

“We live a couple blocks down the road and that normally floods. We haven’t seen it this bad in a long time,” said Kacsmarski. 

Several neighborhoods adjacent to Clear Creek like Sleepy Hollow saw flooded streets, parks and portions of their backyards inundated with water, as Clear Creek rose past its banks. 

The threat of more rain overnight Tuesday, only adding to the uncertainty. 


“I’m nervous. I don’t want my house to flood. It never flooded and it didn’t flood during Harvey but you never know. You never know where the rain is going to fall the hardest and who’s going to get hit this time,” said Kacsmarski.

“It’s getting kind of scary. The bridge over there is completely almost underwater. And the retention pond is pretty much full. And in the deeper parts of the neighborhood, it’s a little concerning because the water is really close to everybody’s door steps and everything,” said Ashley Campbell. 

Some residents like Vance Voiles worry not enough is being done to address flooding in their neighborhood.

“They dredged the creek several years ago, put a bunch of dirt into a pile then removed it a few years later. A lot of the residents here think that when they remove that dirt, it created this water coming in here like this,” Voiles said. 

“I do think that the more construction you have in the area, you’re going to have to address the drainage a little better. The more homes you build in the area, the less places the waters got to go,” Voiles continued. 

Jeff Lindner, meteorologist with the Harris County Flood Control District says Clear Creek is still over it’s banks as of approximately 8:15 PM. However, Lindner says Clear Creek is near crest level and holding steady and expects it to begin a very slow fall later Tuesday night, into Wednesday morning. 

Clear Creek ISD has cancelled school Wednesday due to flooding in many portions around the district. CCISD says they plan on resuming Thursday.