Houston attorney killed intervening in McDonald's dispute

A Houston attorney has been identified as the Good Samaritan who was shot to death at a McDonald's in West Houston over the weekend. Jeffrey Limmer was killed at the McDonald's off of I-10 near Chimney Rock.

The Houston lawyer was said to stand up for what was right and according to detectives that's exactly what the 46-year-old was doing Saturday when we're told an angry customer at the McDonald's took Limmer's life.           

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It was an awful murder scene with yellow crime scene tape around the McDonald's on the Katy Freeway. Greg Monteverde actually drove right by, but he had no idea the victim was his longtime friend, who he's known since they were just 9-years-old.

"It's a gut punch. It's a deep gut punch. I know a lot of us are still in shock," Monteverde says referring to their group of childhood friends.

Monteverde and Limmer played football together at Memorial High School.

"I feel for his family, his sister, Angie, their dad. They're great people and I know they're just devastated. Jeff and I, we grew up together. He was my Quarterback. I called him QB1," Monteverde explains.   

In fact, the two were again talking football the last time they spoke. 

"He was very proud of his cousin who just got drafted by the Rams. That was our last conversation about a week ago. He was pretty excited about that," says Monteverde.

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According to Houston Police, Limmer was at McDonald's on I-10 at Chimney Rock Saturday around 6 p.m. when another man became irate at the workers. 

"Utilizing cuss words and other profanities, Jeff stepped in to try and deescalate the situation try and calm him down. I thought it was brave. I respect it. I think a lot of us knew Jeff to be that type of individual. In school, he would invite somebody who wasn't the most popular student to a party or things like that," Monteverde explains. 

Investigators say the angry McDonald's customer grabbed a gun from his car and opened fire on 46-year-old Jeffrey Limmer, killing him. Monteverde says Limmer was strong in his faith. The two have attended the same church since they were children.

"He's in Heaven. He's looking down on all of us saying it's going to be OK," Monteverde says.           

Detectives say the gunman hasn't been caught yet. He drove away after the fatal shooting in a blue Ford pick-up truck.