30 people arrested in human trafficking operation in Fort Bend County

Thirty people have been arrested and one victim has been rescued in a multi-agency operation to combat human trafficking in Fort Bend County.

Operation Cupid took place over three days with the Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance and partnering agency conducting the operation in February. 

Officials worked to identify and arrest those who were intending to buy sex. Commonly known as "johns", they create the demand for human trafficking.


"We are focused on saving victims by following basic economics; removing the demand will reduce the supply," said Fort Bend County Assistant District Attorney Craig Priesmeyer.

Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton congratulated the team on the results and further stressed the importance of being proactive.

The partner agencies included the Sugar Land Police Department, Houston Police Department, Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri City Police Department, Department of Public Safety, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Texas truck drivers helping spot human trafficking victims

The program began in 2019 and last year complaints made to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission went up 175%, proving the training is working.