Texas power grid missing from special legislative session agenda

As Texas lawmakers head back to Austin for a special legislative session on Thursday, one topic noticeably missing from the agenda is the reliability of the Texas Power Grid. One Houston family says they're concerned that fixing the grid isn’t a priority.

Reforms to Texas’ energy grid begin moving after blackout

Six weeks after more than 100 people died in subfreezing weather in Texas, including many of hypothermia, both the GOP-controlled House and Senate have now passed sweeping reforms that lawmakers say would prevent a repeat of the widespread blackouts that spiraled into one of the worst power outages in U.S. history.

Big freeze stings Sealy with $2M natural gas bill

As scarce supplies of natural gas were a critical part of the massive power outage in Texas during the Big Freeze, they've also become an expensive headache for others who depend on the vital fuel.