Greater Houston preparing for artic blast, residents having flashbacks of 2021 winter storm

This Christmas won't be a white one, but it will be cold, as freezing temperatures head toward Houston. Many Houston residents are having flashbacks to 2 years ago when a similar freeze came and caused complete chaos. 

"I just remember sliding a lot on the main roads, we almost crashed," Rebecca Ontiveros recalled.

Safety tips as Houston prepare for colder than normal temperatures

The freezing temps caused pipes to freeze and then burst. A massive energy demand compromised the power grid, leaving thousands without water or electricity, and icy roads caused wrecks all over. Nearly 250 people died as a result. 

This Thursday temperatures are expected to rival the lows that we hit during that 2021 freeze. 

"Go outside take a look at your exposed pipes and get them wrapped," said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. 

Mayor Turner, along with County and State officials, is trying to reassure concerned residents that this two-day freeze won't compare to February 2021. 

"From what I'm hearing from ERCOT and people at the PUC they don't foresee us losing power," Mayor Turner said. 

Houston family who lost home in 2021 Texas winter storm bracing for another freeze

Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia also weighed in. 

"Right now, we're ensuring that our sand trucks are ready in the event that we might have ice," he said.  

Some people say they trust that our local officials have it all together and that our grid is prepared.

"I'm not concerned. I think the city has done a good job. I think everything's going to be okay now that we're better prepared," said Houstonian Lorenzo Armstead. 

However, there are others who say they aren't counting on it. 

"I think that they just tell us what we want to hear a lot of the time. I see them saying they're ready, but until I see it, I have very little faith in the city or the state," said Dan Hunsucker who lives in the Meyerland area.

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He says after the 2021 freeze he bought a pickup truck with a built-in generator strong enough to power his entire house for at least 2 days. 

For tips on how to protect your pipes ahead of the freeze click here:

For additional tips on how to safely heat your home and prepare for the freezing weather Click here: (Can we link the PDF file I attached in the email here please?)))