Arctic Blast: Houstonians avoiding repeats of 2021 Winter Storm

The scars of the Great Texas Freeze in 2021 still run deep, and now another Arctic blast is headed toward the Lone Star State in a couple of days. 

Memorial Hermann Medical Center said they saw more patients for carbon monoxide poisoning in a single day during the 20-21 freeze. That’s exactly what the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management is trying to avoid. 

"What we’re expecting are some extremely cold temperatures," said Brad Burness, the emergency management coordinator for the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management.

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With the Arctic blast on the horizon, people are scrambling to stock up on essentials. 

"We’re just picking up a generator heater and praying to God nothing really happens," said one shopper. 

Many people recall the freeze in Texas three years ago that left millions without power. 

"We were without power for a couple of days," said another shopper.

The 2021 Texas freeze had devastating effects on the community. A mother and daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to stay warm in a running car in the garage and a fire left a family seeking warmth dead when their house burned down.

These are incidents the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management is trying to avoid. 

"A generator. Have you started it up lately to see if it works? Carbon monoxide detectors, do you have fresh batteries in them," said Burness. 

If you have to pull out a portable heater-make sure you keep an eye on it. 


"If you choose to use a space heater in your home, just make sure that there’s distance between you, know a blanket, or yourself," Burness added.

The calm before the storm is your final chance to gather supplies for the arctic blast. 

"This is our third trip, the third day in a row. Now we’re out looking for things to cover the plants with and everybody’s sold out," said a shopper.  

The Galveston County Emergency Management said they do have resources online to track the severity of the storm. They also say they will open shelters if necessary.