As Texas temps tumble, power grid operating in 'robust' fashion

As an Arctic blast rips through much of the Lone Star State, Governor Greg Abbott is warning of extremely hazardous conditions, particularly on roadways, which freezing temperatures and precipitation will turn treacherous.

Texas Winter Storm: What the Houston area can expect

"We are dealing with one of the most significant icing events that we've had in the state of Texas in at least several decades," said Governor Abbott.

To the relief of millions, the previously fragile state power grid appears to be functioning in a robust fashion with little chance of repeating last February's system-wide failures.

"It shows that there is plenty of power available at this time as well as plenty of power expected over the remainder of today and early tomorrow," added Abbott.

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After months of regulatory reform and cold weather preparation, those in charge of the electrical supply chain say back-up power is plentiful and is expected to remain so.

"The grid remains strong, reliable, and it is performing well in this winter weather event," said Peter Lake, Chairman of the Public Utility Commission.

THIS WEEK: ERCOT issuing Winter Weather Watch in Texas through Sunday

Subject to intense scrutiny in the wake of last Winter's disaster, ERCOT's new Chief Executive Brad Jones projected a high degree of confidence that the deadly 2021 debacle would not be repeated.

"We have not seen any of our generation come offline for cold weather situation which is an indication that our weatherization program is working as we had hoped," said Jones.