Making the Case: Will fleeing Dems be arrested?

The tug of war between Texas lawmakers is intensifying each day. After more than 50 Democratic lawmakers fled the state to break quorum, the GOP house members they left behind voted to activate arrest warrants. The big question now... will the lawmakers be arrested if they remain out of the state until the end of the special session? The News Edge legal analyst Charles Adams breaks down arrest possibilities and spoke on the reality of civilians going after elected officials they feel are not fulfilling their elected duties.

What's important to you? Special session in Texas begins Thursday

Gov. Greg Abbott has announced the agenda for the special legislative session that begins Thursday, asking lawmakers to prioritize 11 issues that largely appeal to conservatives who wanted more out of the regular session. So we caught up with Houston area residents to find out what's important to them.

Advocates angry over Abbott’s animal cruelty bill veto

#AbbottHatesDogs was at one point the fifth most trending topic on Twitter, as a reaction to Gov. Greg Abbott’s veto of an animal cruelty bill made news around the country. We talk to a senator who co-authored the bill, and two Houston-area animal rights advocates, about the decision.