Weather in Houston: Beryl exits, leaving Houston to battle heat

Following Beryl's swift passage through Arkansas and its trajectory towards the Great Lakes, Houstonians are breathing a sigh of relief as the threat of high winds and heavy rains is gone. 

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However, a new concern emerges today: extreme heat.

With millions still without power, temperatures soaring into the 90s coupled with heat index values nearing 105 degrees Fahrenheit pose significant risks. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for today and tonight, urging residents to seek air-conditioned environments. It is especially critical to check on vulnerable populations, including the elderly and disabled, to ensure their safety during this period of intense heat.

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While isolated rain showers remain possible along the coast today, tomorrow promises continued muggy conditions with a slightly improved chance of scattered storms. Looking ahead, late in the week may bring more widespread showers and thunderstorms, offering some relief from the oppressive heat.


Currently, there are no active tropical systems anticipated across the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico in the foreseeable future, providing a brief respite from recent weather concerns.

As Houston navigates through this heat wave, staying informed and taking precautions can make a significant difference in safeguarding health and well-being.