Street flooding expected from rain Monday, potential freezing temperatures to come later in the week

After a wet and gloomy start to the week,  rain fell off and on for most of Monday. 

Meteorologist Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood Control District says the biggest concern will likely be street flooding, particularly during rush hour when most of the rain is expected to come in. 

"Potentially late as nine or 10 o'clock tonight, we could be seeing some of that heavy rain across the area again, mainly focused on southwest of Harris County, so Fort Bend down and Wharton County down towards Matagorda Bay is what we think we'll see some of the heaviest rainfall again for most of us. This will probably end up being more of a beneficial event, since we could actually use some of the rainfall," said Lindner.


Temperature-wise, it's 50s or warmer for the first half of the week, then Thursday and into the weekend, Lindner says some areas might experience a potential freeze. 

"Thursday and Friday, and maybe even into Saturday, there's a potential for some sub-freezing temperatures across the area and a lot of uncertainty still on just how cold it gets, but it's certainly not looking like anything that we experienced last year last February. So yes, we could have some freezes but right now, the potential for winter precipitation is relatively minor in our area and the amount of cold air and the length of the cold air doesn't look anything like what we saw last February," Lindner said. 


Lindner advises people to take the necessary precautions for your plants, pipes, and pets ahead of the potential freezing weather Thursday.