Side hustle jobs are hiring and pay well

If you're looking to make extra money, or looking for a job until you're back to your full-time gig, a number of side hustles are hiring now and paying well.

When the pandemic threw nearly two million Texans into unemployment, Workforce Solutions adapted to the situation.

Strategic Planning Manager Michelle Castrow says Workforce Solutions traditionally helps people find permanent jobs. But now she says they're seeing many people find part-time work in different fields to make ends meet.

"The way we work and the way we live is different. It's created some new opportunities. It's creating what we're calling interim opportunities," she explained.

One big interim opportunity is the growing need for delivery drivers.

"The way we used to go into stores to buy things, to purchase things, now we're placing those orders online.  So that means there are opportunities for people to pick and pack those orders, as well as deliver those orders," said Castrow.

And there are jobs you can do from home. Workforce Solutions sees a big need for online translators, online tutors for children homeschooling, and online customer service representatives.

"Now that we're not going to places, we're transacting a lot of our business, a lot of our work online.  There's technology involved and sometimes, we need a little bit of extra help," said Castrow.

Life insurance agency Choice Mutual reports the most popular side hustles in Texas for retirees includes jobs that workers of any age can do.

Said Choice Mutual CEO Anthony Martin, "There are definitely quite a few jobs people can do that don't require a four-year degree or extensive training, which is great."

And you can do some of them from home. Bookkeeping, office manager, and administrative assistant are among popular side hustles in Texas. Plus there are gigs that only require short term training.

Said Martin, "You don't have to get a four-year degree to become a school bus driver.  And then there are things like home health aid. You can become one of those with not a lot of training involved."

Remember that a side hustle will show your versatility to your next potential full-time employer.

"There's great value because it helps you gain skills, may help you develop some new skills, and all of that shows initiative to your next employer," said Castrow.

Castrow says you'll find jobs hiring right now here:

These are some sites that post current side hustle job openings:
• – Texas-based owned by H-E-B
• - Earn money by helping people with their everyday to-dos
• – Earn money by joining Postmates’ fleet and fulfill deliveries to customers
• – Work-from-home and gig opportunities
• – Become a Driver Partner and earn commission + 100% tips on every delivery
• – Put your handyman, cleaning, and make-ready skills to use to earn money
• – Become a pet sitter and earn up to $1000/month on your schedule
• – Get paid to inspect, assess, document, and deliver on your own schedule