Sen. John Cornyn talks backing Ukraine, opposing SCOTUS nominee, and repeal of Article 42

The valiant defense of Ukraine by its embattled people is drawing the full support of the Lone Star State's Senior U.S. Senator John Cornyn who has proposed legislation for a massive transfer of American arms and supplies, unmatched since the Second World War.

"The consistent message we heard from the Ukrainians is they need more, faster," said Cornyn in an interview with FOX 26. "They need more humanitarian aid and more defensive weapons, and we are doing everything to get them to them as fast as we possibly can."

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Cornyn was less enthusiastic about the President's decision to release a million barrels a day from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve in an effort to offer Americans a modicum of relief at the pump.

"It's a drop in the bucket and unfortunately doesn't get to the source of the problem which is increasing demand and reduced supply," said Cornyn.

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With the apprehension of undocumented immigrants rising to a 20-year high of 7,000 per day, Senator Cornyn predicted a further escalation if President Joe Biden proceeds with plans to retract Article 42 - the Trump era policy allowing immediate deportation as a defense against Coronavirus spread.   

"The Border Patrol tells me if you take away tools like Title 42, which allows them to turn adult migrants at the Border, then they are going to lose control completely," said Cornyn.

Supreme Court nominee Katanji Brown Jackson will not be getting Cornyn's vote.

The Senator says he is unconvinced she will stick to interpreting the Constitution and refrain from legislating from the bench.

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