Riverside-Huntsville area residents face rising waters as more rain approaches amid flood recovery efforts

Residents in the Riverside-Huntsville area brace for more rainfall while still grappling with the aftermath of the destructive floods two weeks prior. 

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The forecast predicted an additional 2–3 inches of rain on Thursday afternoon. FOX 26 spoke with locals who expressed frustration over the difficulty of navigating their waterlogged streets. Some residents have ventured out to stock up on groceries, opting to stay at home rather than face the flooded roads.

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Cookie Tucker, one of the residents affected by the floods, shares, "The water in front of my house is still about knee-deep. I can't leave with my car at all because I don't want to drive through the waters. That's why we just went to the store to try to get ahead of things because we're not leaving. I mean, we're not going to leave."

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Our camera captured the stark reality as we observed a nearby house where the back porch had been completely dislodged from its foundation. The looming threat of additional rain looms over the community, with the risk of amplified flooding.


Lee Sterling, another impacted resident, prepares for what may come. "If it happens, I'm prepared for another 6–8 inches. I'm prepared for that. If it's going to be more than that, then I'm in trouble," he says.

Some residents use an aluminum boat, demonstrating the lengths to which Riverside residents must go; these boats are their primary means of transportation to and from their homes, around the town, and in some cases, for emergency rescues.

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The outcry from residents grows louder toward the Trinity River Authority, who they claim are exacerbating the flooding issues. Tucker critiques, "They're letting us flood, and then they finally let all the water out of the dam and flood the people downstream, and it's terrible for both of us."

Sterling adds, "They're holding the dam back more than they ever have before. This should've been dropped because the expected rain is coming." The community's frustration is palpable as they brace for more rain and await responsive action.