Procession held for fallen Houston Police Sgt. Harold Preston

An emotional procession took place on Friday for fallen Houston Police Sergeant Harold Preston. The 65-year-old was shot and killed Tuesday, while responding to a domestic violence call.

On Friday, police officers were seen saluting the Sergeant’s remains as they drove to a funeral home in North Houston. Firefighters were also seen standing above, paying respect from on top of highway overpasses.

“The outpouring of love we’ve received from the people of Houston, it’s been touching our police officers’ hearts,” said HPD Chief Art Acevedo.

Preston was a 41-year veteran with the Houston Police Department when he was shot and killed Tuesday. According to police, he and another officer were shot by 51-year-old Elmer Manzano. 

Manzano’s son, a 14-year-old, was also shot. According to Chief Acevedo, the injured officer and the 14-year-old are expected to be okay.


Police say Manzano has a violent history and has been arrested several times in the past. In addition, he lives in the United States illegally from El Salvador.

“The investigation continues,” said Acevedo. “You all know the charges we have filed on this suspect. Our federal partners have charged him with various felonies as well.”

The “Remembrance Project” met on Friday in Houston for National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens. At the meeting, Preston’s picture was on display.

“When you knowingly release an illegal alien back into his community, he’s going to re-offend in the very community in which he lives,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Cameron Welch. “There’s no downside to a secure border.”


“41 years in the Houston Police Department, two weeks away from retirement, [Preston} gets a call for domestic violence and gets shot dead by who?” said Dan Golvach, a speaker. “Someone who just two days prior was let out of jail with his gun and his ammunition.”

“We want enforcement,” said a Remembrance Project organizer. “We want our families to be safe.”

A 41-year HPD Veteran, Sergeant Preston’s funeral is scheduled to be held Thursday at Grace Church Houston. Details will soon be released by the Houston Police Department.

“We’re going to get through it,” said Acevedo. “We’re very blessed to have a mayor and a council, and a community that supports the Houston Police Department.”