'No more excuses,' Houston PD Chief Troy Finner calls for more action against gun violence

It's been a violent week in Houston and law enforcement officials have been among the latest victims as the crime rate continues to increase. 

Moments after three officers with the Houston Police Department were shot near downtown Thursday, Chief Troy Finner voiced his frustration with the increasing number of gun violence during a press conference that very evening. 

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"I want everybody all our leaders," Chief Finner said. "Before I'll update you on what happened on this thing. No more excuses. Everybody. Take an active role and [sic] get intentional and [sic] doing whatever you can do to fight gun violence in our city. Period."

"It's not really a difficult thing," he added. "Bad dangerous people is the place for and that's in jail."

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In addition to calling out the city, the Chief said it's up to residents to do their part to keep violent offenders in jail.

"This doesn't go for individuals who need treatment, suffer from drug addiction or mental illness, but these violent individuals, I'm damn tired of it." Chief Finner concluded. "And we need to stand up as a community and do whatever we got to do and that is to have more jail capacity. Let's get it done. No more excuses."

The chief's frustration comes on the heels of a major arrest Wednesday when a man linked to the deadly shooting of a corporal with Harris County Constable Pct 5 and a sergeant with Harris County Sheriff's Office, who was killed by a drunk driver. 

However, it's not just violence against law enforcement in Houston that's resulting in the city's increasing crime wave. In fact, new data reveals Houston leads the nation’s top four largest cities in homicides so far this year.

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"If it keeps up this pace, we’re going to be well over 500 murders this year," Houston Police Officers’ Union president Douglas Griffith told FOX 26 on Tuesday. "I have family here. I grew up here. It’s one of those things, I’m fearful for my family, just to go out of the house."