NFL player’s 9 pit bulls killed family pet and frequently escape yard, neighbors say

Washington Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams made headlines Thursday after Flowers and his wife Linda said their black Labrador named Sandy was attacked, killed, and impaled on a fence by dogs owned by Williams. He told me it was Sandy's fault because she somehow got into his backyard bit one of his dogs and then the other dogs attacked her.

"He's gone over how many dogs he can legally have in Missouri City and the city is doing nothing," said neighbor Ann Thompson.

According to a Missouri City ordinance, residents can only have four dogs per household.

When Williams was asked why he had nine Pitbull Mastiffs living in this kennel in his backyard, he said he had a right to and the dogs are worth $25,000 each.

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"I was told, 'hey it's just a dog'," said Sandy's owner Jerry Flowers. "This was a family member to us."

"It was, 'dogs doing what dogs do'," Williams said.

"I didn't get an I'm sorry, nothing," said Linda Flowers.

"I've seen those dogs push the walk-in gate open and they're out," said neighbor Cecilia Hernandez.

Residents told us how the NFL player's huge dogs routinely get out and have almost attacked people.

"I was screaming for help and saw the homeowner in his front yard," said neighbor Sarah Sanders. "I screamed for him to come help me and he actually laughed and left me to fend for myself."

"All these Pitbulls were coming at another neighbor trying to get to her dogs," Hernandez said. "She got all tangled up in the leash and fell in the ditch my husband and I grabbed sticks to get the dogs off of her."