Mother speaks out for the first time at visitation for unsolved murder victim Sierra Rhodd

The murder of Sierra Rhodd, 20, in the Cypress area remains a mystery, as her family prepares to lay her to rest just days after her dad was also shot and killed.

The mother of Sierra Rhodd and wife of Michael Rhodd spoke on camera with FOX 26 for the first time since losing both her husband and daughter.


At the visitation for Sierra, her mom, Krystalee Rhodd, said she feels numb. She said one bit of comfort she has is knowing that her husband and daughter are together now.

“Her dad was her protector,” said Krystalee. “He was all of our protectors, and he took it very, very hard.”

Michael Rhodd was a father who begged for answers in the murder of his daughter in the days after her murder, doing multiple interviews with FOX 26, pleading with the public to come forward with information on Sierra’s killers. Michael ended up losing his own life five days after Sierra lost hers.

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“He loved, loved, loved his kids,” said Krystalee. “Sierra held something special to us, just because of her trials and tribulations.”

She says they were a tight-knit family whose bond grew closer through overcoming Sierra’s cerebral palsy.

“[Doctors] said she would never ride a bike,” said Krystalee. “She rode a bike. He taught her to ride a bike.”

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Michael rushed to his daughter's room the night of September 13 when shooters ambushed their home, but she was killed instantly by several bullets that flew through her bedroom window.

“My husband took it hard ‘cause he could not protect her,” said Krystalee. “He couldn’t get to her in time.”

Five days later, after Sierra’s vigil, Krystal says Michael tried to strangle his father-in-law, and his father-in-law shot him to death.

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“He had been diagnosed bipolar, and he just like everybody has their ups and downs, but he just lost it after his daughter was gone,” said Krystalee.

Meanwhile, the shooters who killed Sierra still haven’t been charged. Harris County Sheriff’s deputies say they were targeting Sierra’s 15-year-old brother.

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His mom says the death threats haven’t stopped.

“I’m angry,” said Krystalee. “I do have faith in the investigators that are in charge.”

She says the threats from the alleged gang began in May, and Krystalee made more than 15 calls to the sheriff’s office about those threats before her daughter was killed.

“I told them: I said they have guns, and my son is gonna get killed,” said Krystalee. “Someone needs to arrest them. And Sunday, my daughter ends up getting killed.”


Deputies say they’re looking for up to three or more shooters who ambushed the Rhodd home on Timber Crest Drive in northwest Houston. 

Anyone who may have seen something or have details on who killed Sierra Rhodd is asked to call Harris County Sheriff’s Office or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers of Houston at (713) 222-TIPS.