Many blame district court judge for deadly police shoot out with wanted fugitive

The man linked to shooting two HPD officers on Monday, killing one of them has been identified as Deon Ledet, 30. 

He had a rap sheet with several felony convictions, so many are blaming a Harris County Criminal District Court Judge for Monday morning's deadly gun battle between a wanted fugitive and the two Houston police officers.

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All the mug shots of 30-year-old Deon Ledet show how long his criminal history has gone on. With seven prior felony convictions, he was undoubtedly a habitual offender.

"The fact that he should not have been out of jail but was is something I’m sick to my stomach talking about," said Doug Griffith President of the Houston Police Union.

In November 2020, Ledet was charged with felony drug possession and possession with intent to deliver. A magistrate sets his bond at $60,000. Then he appeared before 208th criminal district Court Judge Greg Glass 

"The DA's office requested a no bond because twice he’s been in TDC that makes him a habitual offender," said Griffith.


Instead, Judge Greg Glass lowers Ledet’s bond to $20,000.

"So he got out on a $2,000 bond," Griffith said.

Ledet was a wanted fugitive until Monday’s deadly gun battle.

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"It’s a tragedy yet from our perspective it’s another example of a tragedy that could have been prevented said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers.

Remember in just the past few months there have been at least 3 shootings between wanted fugitives and law officers.

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Luckily no officers were injured in those shootings.

"If Judge Glass had done his job and did the no bond then Ledet would be in jail right now but he didn’t do that," said Griffith.

In August, we told you how Judge Greg Glass freed 35-year-old Dallas Jacquet. He was charged with Capital Murder and is also a habitual offender. That didn’t stop Glass from granting Jacquet who was even still on parole.

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Judge Glass has not released a comment despite our requests.