Man with Crohn's Disease shares emotional post to bring attention to illnesses that go unseen

Ste Walker: Facebook

Not all disabilities are visible. Others are not as obvious. When you meet Ste Walker, he presents himself as any other guy, when in reality, he fights the day-to-day struggle of Crohn's Disease.

Walker uses a feeding tube, and stoma bag to assist in day-to-day bodily functions that many may take for granted, or not think twice about.

Walker shared his story to Facebook on October 25, and the post has garnered over 69,000 likes and over 22,000 shares.

"Just because I look normal and speak normal, that doesn't mean I don't have a major disability," Walker says. "Look abit (sic) closer tho (sic), or ask me questions, and you will soon realise (sic)  that I have a major illness."

Social media users responded to Walker's post with empathy, respect, and stories of their own.

"I have Crohn's as well and have had a section of small intestine removed," said one user. "Just before that I was ditched while hunting with 'friends' who thought I was lazy and mooching off the government. I was lost for over 30 hours and they still judge me to this day."

"God bless you.... I'm sorry you have been through so much. I pray they find a cure for your disability ! Stay strong sir!!!" said another.

Walker has a GoFundMe page that is set to bring awareness to Crohn's Disease, and other illnesses that may go unseen.

As for Walker's final thought, it was simple. Don't judge.

"So the next time someone says to me "well you look perfectly fine, why are you using that disabled toilet, or parking in that disabled spot, your conning the system, your not disabled, you don't need that walking stick," he says. "Just stop and think maybe I just want TO BE FINE or to feel normal, you don't no what I go threw on a daily basis and you have no right to judge me just on your perception of me that you can see because you don't no what goes on stop and think before you speak."